fall of ollearrium

fall of ollearrium
a game of the fall of one world and the rising of another

ollearrium is a world of lush forest, wide deserts, floating cities, deep lakes, bubbling volcanoes, freezing ice peaks. this land holds many dangers and hidden magic that hides in the darkness biding its time. the cults of elder ones are becoming active, there sacrifices becoming more and more frequent. outlying villages are being raided leaving few survivors. the north men tell tales of ice sheets sliding across the land, and great pillars of standing stones where beast from another world pore out like a dark wave. plagues are infecting lage cities forming mass graves and man times forming groups of shambling corpses.
the kingdoms are taking notice, some are panicking and the priest hood is taking advantage of the chaos claiming the end times. mass fear and panic runs its icy fingers in to the harts of men.
you are guards in the town of nearmore, more guards have been posted as the ork raids have become more and more common. the night seems quiet but some thing has you on edge, and all the men feel uneasy.


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